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Facebook live is an exciting tool that we use regularly to conduct chats with our community. Join us live and learn more about the field of vision, rehabilitation and blindness. On this page you will find the links to previous Facebook live chats. Please share them with your friends, comment and hit the like button to help us out.

Please note: Facebook Live chats are sorted from newest to oldest.

The Field of vision is live from day 3 of the AER orientation and mobility conference in Pittsburgh. Talking about deafblind students, movement in blind children and street crossing techniques

We talk about presentations that were conducted at AER's orientation and mobility conference.  Information on deafblindness, street crossings and movement in children who are blind.  

We start with a big announcement on the assistive technology certification. The field of vision is live from the AER orientation and mobility conference in Pittsburgh.  Part 2

The certified assistive technology instructional specialist is officially a real thing.  We talk about what it means for our field.  Additionally, we talk about presentations that where held on day 2 of the AER orientation and mobility conference. 

The Field of Vision is live from the AER orientation and mobility conference in Pittsburgh. Talking about issues with Uber and ride sharing.

We are live from day one of the AER International Orientation and Mobility Conference.  We discuss how to deal  accessibility issues  

What does it mean to look blind? Organizations utilize people who are blind in their promotional videos and media. Is it exploitation? Part 2

The Field of Vision: Talking about travel, the National Federation of the Blind, technology and more.

We talk about problems at the airport.  Recap the NFB Convention.  Several new pieces of technology.

Teaching children with vision impairment and blindness. Tools for communication. Day 5 of the National Federation of the blind and more.

Microsoft AI, braille Orbit reader and artificial intelligence. Resolutions from consumer groups.

We start by talking about the new seeing AI app that has been released by Microsoft.  The American Printing House for the Blind has released a new braille display called the Orbit Reader.  We talk more about artificial intelligence and both positivie and negative impacts on society.  Finally we discuss several resolutions being put out by both consumer groups.

Orientation and Mobility: traditional versus NOMC and the happenings from the NFB convention in Orlando Florida, day 3

We put the finishing touches on information about the certified assistive technology instructional specialist.  We discuss the differences between traditional orientaion and mobility specialist and NOMC travel trainer.  

Further talk about the new certification in assistive technology. Day 2 of the National Federation of the blind convention.

Today we continue talking about the new certification in assistive technology. We also talk about some of the resolutions that are being proposed by the NFB and what they might mean.

Information on the Certification in assistive technology and day one at the National Federation of the Blind convention from Orlando Florida.

Today we talk more about the new assistive technology specialist certification (CATIS). We talk about the meaning of statistics and how numbers don't lie. We also discuss the first day at the national Federation of the blind convention in Orlando.

Talking more about people with disabilities portrayed in movies and media.

Additional discussion on people with disabilities being portrayed in movies and media by actors and actresses who do not have any disabilities.

We will be discussing an article written in the Los Angeles times regarding an upcoming movie release called blind. Disability advocacy groups are angry and will discuss why. Also, we will be discussing issues related to use of guide dogs.

We talk about Alec Baldwin's new role in the movie blind. Certain disability advocacy groups are bothered by Hollywood having people that do not have disabilities portray those that do. Additionally, we begin a multipart conversation on the use of service dogs.

Poor leadership has the potential to destroy our field. Today we talk more about the reasons why.

On today's chat we talk about some of the very serious mistakes that leadership makes in our community. It is imperative that we correct those mistakes by bringing fresh new young talent to the field. Grow your own.

Talking rehabilitation and vocational goals for children who are visually impaired or blind. Should they all be vision teachers, social workers, or blind rehab specialists?

Today we discussed vocational goals for children who are visually impaired. We share ideas on how to improve access for students to professionals who are not only visually impaired or blind, but who believe in the abilities of those who are.

Discussing more information related to socialization of children who are blind or visually impaired. Bullying is a main concern for parents and administrators. Part 1 and Part 2

We continue the conversation on socialization for children who are blind or visually impaired.  Bullying is a major concern for kids, parents, teachers and administrators.  

We discuss a very controversial topic, school for the blind versus public school. We also continue our discussion with respect to leadership. Due to technicial difficulties this is broken up into two parts

We discuss issues that children face in both public school and school for the blind.  Additionally, we cover the difficulities in being a parent having to make that choice.  Finally, we discuss issues in leadership in rehabilitation. 

George Mason University teachers for the visually impaired, leadership, notes from last week and more.

This chat focuses on the great work that is being done at George Mason University for teachers of the visually impaired. Also, we talk about leadership in the blind and visually impaired community.

Experiences with the rehabilitation system. Agencies like commissions for the blind and department of rehabilitation services. Also, The importance of proper braille instruction.

On this chat we talk about issues in the system of rehabilitation for people who are blind or have low vision. We discuss issues such as the lack of experience of teachers responsible for teaching braille. The system is broken. We give it some very much needed constructive criticism.

The horrors of using a white cane for the first time: Stories by a former blind child now a blind professional

We discuss struggles students face in the early stages of learning to use a white cane. 

Children must be taught social skills as they do not benefit from visual observation. Also discussing the importance of being comfortable in one's skin while growing up with vision impairment.

We discuss ways of including information to children that they do not get with visual observation.  Listeners will get a better understanding of how to work with students who are non-visual.

Talking about Amazon Echo, Alexa enabled devices

As Amazon Echo related technology advances, we talk about different companies building devices that include the power of Amazon Echo.

Discussing how to educate other professionals, such as nurses, social workers, etc., on issues in blindness, low-vision and rehabilitation.

As blindness professionals very often work on an interdisciplinary team, we discuss ways of educating those professionals. 

Talking about the new certification for assistive technology instructional specialists

For over a decade, people who are blind or visually impaired, have been demanding better quality in their assistive technology training.  Finally, there is a solution.  We discuss the new certified assistive technology instructional specialist history, process and exam.  

First live audio broadcast. Will be talking about technology and other related stuff.

This is our first ever Facebook Live chat.  We talk a little bit about assistive technology.